Integrated Report (Annual Report)

Integrated Report 2020

Integrated Report 2020(PDF:7.95MB)

(October, 2020)

  • Integrated Report 2020
  • Kurita Group at a Glance
     History of Value Creation
     Kurita Group Philosophy System
     Kurita Group Business Fields and Strengths
     A Story of Value Creation
  • Kurita Group Business Strategy
     Interview with the President
     Financial Strategy
     Medium-Term Management Plan:
     MaximizeValue Proposition 2022 (MVP-22)
     CSR Initiatives
  • The Kurita Group's Businesses
     Opportunities and Risks in Business Flow
     R&D and Intellectual Property
     Review of Operations by Segment:
     Water Treatment Chemicals
     Review of Operations by Segment:
     Water Treatment Facilities
  • The Basis for Management Activities
     Directors, Members of the Audit &Supervisory
     Board, and Executive Officers
     Corporate Governance
     Governance Discussion with External Directors
     Risk Management
     Human Resources Management
     Environmental Improvement Activities
     Quality Initiatives
     Safety Initiatives
     Corporate Citizenship Initiatives
  • Financial Information
  • Corporate Information

Integrated Report 2020 Financial Section

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