Integrated Report (Annual Report)

Integrated Report 2023 (September, 2023)

Integrated Report 2023

  • Kurita Group Overview

    History of Value Creation/
    Kurita Group Philosophy System
    and Materiality/
    Kurita's Value Creation Story/
    Business Fields: Diverse Points of
    Contact with Sites/
    Kurita's Solutions and Business Models/
    Management Capitals/Performance
  • Kurita Group Business Strategy

    Interview with the President/
    Review of Previous Medium-Term Management Plan
    Maximize Value Proposition 2022/
    Medium-Term Management Plan
    Pioneering Shared Value 2027/
    Financial and Capital Strategy/
    Sustainability Strategy
  • The Kurita Group's Businesses

    Electronics Industry Segment/
    General Industry Segment/
    Engineering Strategy
  • The Platform for Value Creation

    Human Resources Strategy/
    Innovation Strategy/
    Digital Strategy/
    Environmental Improvement
    Risk Management/
    Respect Human Rights/
    Corporate Governance
  • Corporate & Financial Information

    Directors, Executive Officers,
    and Corporate Officers/
    11-Year Summary/Group Network/
    Stock Information/Corporate Data

The latest MD&A and Consolidated Financial Statements can be viewed here.

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