Medium-term Management Plan

Establishes the "Kurita Group Philosophy System"

With its corporate philosophy as the starting point, the missions that the Kurita Group will fulfill in society into the future, its medium- and long-term visions, and its ways of thinking and values as the foothold for achieving them have been reorganized and stipulated as the Kurita Group Philosophy System.

From "21st Century Vision" to "Kurita Group Philosophy System"

Corporate Philosophy
Study the properties of water, master them,
and we will create an environment in which nature and humanity are in harmony
New corporate vision
"A Creator of unique value to the solution of water and environment",
contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

Ideal Form of the New Corporate Vision

"A Creator of unique value to the solution
of water and environment", contributing to
the realization of a sustainable society.

  • 1.Kurita Group will seek to create shared value with society such as environmental preservation and the effective use of resources, and will realize its corporate philosophy, by continuing to innovate and through businesses contributing to the natural environment, industry and people's lives.
  • 2.Kurita Group will, as an indispensable partner, create value for customers such as "pursuit of safety," "productivity enhancement" and "reduction of environmental impact."
  • 3.Kurita Group will evolve its "service business" and will provide customers, at speed, with comprehensive solutions making full use of Kurita's technologies, products and services in chemicals, facilities and maintenance.

Establishing a CSR Policy

In order for the Kurita Group to continue to grow
as it works to realize its corporate philosophy,
CSR has been positioned at the heart of
management strategy

Definition of CSR

The Kurita Group's responsibility for its impacts on society


  1. Creating and maximizing shared value for the Kurita Group and society
  2. Identifying, preventing and mitigating possible adverse impacts by the Kurita Group

CSR policy

Provide solutions to issues related to water and the environment, and fulfill responsibility for the future

  • Basic themes
  • 1.Provide highly safe services and
  • 2.Conduct fair business activities
  • 3.Respect human rights
  • Growth opportunity themes
  • 4.Solve issues related to water
  • 5.Realize sustainable energy use
  • 6.Reduce waste
  • 7.Advance industrial production

The Ideal Form, Five Years from Now

Global value creator with a rock-solid earnings base

The Two Pillars

The two pillars of our initiatives are
Investment in growth and
improved profitability

Basic Policy / Management Targets / Priority Measures

Basic Policy
Maximize customer intimacy
by dismantling preconceived ideas and
dramatically raising the quality and speed of our work.
Management Targets
Place emphasis on profitability and capital efficiency.

Net sales
Organic growth rate

3% or more

Business profit margin


Return on equity

10% or more

Adoption of business
segment management using
return on invested capital

Aim for
improved capital efficiency
in each business segment

Priority Measures

Develop CSV Business

Contribute to the natural environment, industry and people's
lives, provide integrated solutions that generate social value

  • Developing businesses that contribute to preventing and removing environmental
    pollution, utilizing renewable energy, and treating and recycling waste.
  • Develop solutions for the effective use of water resources, such as wastewater reclamation.
  • Create contract-type service businesses that allow risks to be hedged and profits to be secured.
  • Develop solutions that contribute to the customer's product quality and stable operation.

Create New Businesses and Promote Innovation

As well as expanding domain of existing businesses, create
new business domains that will become pillars of earnings

  • Create new businesses through the promotion of open innovation.
  • Realize innovation through business processes and business models that make full use of IoT/AI.
  • Expand our technological infrastructure.
  • Strengthen the global research and development base, and make optimal use of people, technology and facilities.

Acceleration of Investment and Utilization of Capital

Concentrated investment in growth fields,
and efficient and effective use of capital

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