Facts about Kurita

FY Ended March 31, 2023

Consolidated net sales

Overseas sales ration 44.7%

344.6billion yen

Kurita aims to realize a balanced sales
structure by growing its business worldwide

Service business


Kurita is expanding its service business as a stable revenue base, such as the consulting-type water treatment chemicals business, ultrapure water supply business, and water treatment facility maintenance business

Dividend payments

Increased for 19 consecutive years

Kurita strives to steadily increase dividends per share
as much as possible

Number of customers
in Japan

Approx. 20,000 companies

Kurita offers solutions for water-
and environment-related issues on the premises
of its wide-ranging customers

Kurita's Strengths

Combining water treatment chemicals, water treatment facilities, and maintenance services, the Kurita Group's business mix is highly unique. Moreover, the Kurita Group has a network covering all of Japan and extending internationally, and is a technology-driven group with advanced R&D capabilities. By taking advantage of these operational resources, the Group offers a broad range of water treatment solutions, and provides value to customers in a variety of industries by helping them increase productivity, lower environmental burden, and conserve energy.

A business mix unique
in the industry

The Kurita Group offers comprehensive solutions by combing diverse technologies, know-how, and services in its three business domains of water treatment chemicals, water treatment facilities, and maintenance services.

A network covering all of
Japan and extending

The Kurita Group is meeting the needs of customers through the network of group companies and exclusive dealers it has built up in Japan and a wide range of countries and regions around the world.

A technology-driven group with
advanced R&D capabilities

In nine areas of basic research, the Kurita Group is enhancing its ability to create technology seeds for innovative product development.

Water treatment solutions

The Kurita Group is helping realize sustainable communities by solving problems related to water and the environment in a broad range of industries.

Kurita's History


Founded upon water treatment chemicals business (boiler water treatment chemicals)

The founder of the Company starts selling boiler water treatment chemicals based on boiler technology for large ships.


Boiler Water Supply Laboratory Established

Shortly after the Company's foundation, its first research facility was established. The laboratory started with analysis of boiler water and later began developing boiler compounds and boiler cleaning methods.

The photo shows the laboratory after the name was changed to the Central Research Laboratory


Listed stock on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange


Entry into the electronics industry

Ultrapure water production technology is developed to meet the demand for water of a higher degree of purity that comes with increasing miniaturization in semiconductor manufacturing processes.


Establishment of an overseas company for water treatment chemicals business

Kurita do Brasil LTDA. established to manufacture and sell water treatment chemicals in Brazil.


Launch of soil remediation services

Soil pollution was increasingly becoming a major social problem, and, as a result, the Company commenced soil remediation business operations based on water treatment technology developed to date.


Launch of Ultrapure Water Supply Business

Launch of outsourcing business in which the Company owns, operates and manages facilities for customers, and supplies them with ultrapure water. A business model is developed that represents a fusion of products, technologies and services developed to date across the chemicals, facilities and maintenance arms of the business.


Acquisition of water treatment-related businesses in Europe

Acquires water treatment chemicals, paper process chemicals and alumina compound businesses of BK Giulini GmbH from Israel Chemicals Ltd.; Kurita Europe APW GmbH established.

※Thereafter, Kurita Europe GmbH and Kurita Europe APW GmbH merge (the new company name is Kurita Europe GmbH).

The Kurita Group will shift from the "treatment of water" to give basic support to industries and people's livelihoods to the
"creation of water" to harmonize human society
with the natural environment.